can a woman be a bishop in the church

Tomberlin argues that the bishop represents Christ without being the only way to attain grace. "[89] Insofar as priestly and episcopal ordination are concerned, the Roman Catholic Church teaches that this requirement is a matter of divine law; it belongs to the deposit of faith and is unchangeable. [238] Fangzhang is the highest position in a Taoist temple. [48] [23][24], The tradition of the ordained monastic community in Buddhism (the sangha) began with the Buddha, who established an order of monks. A priest did not mean a preacher or a public leader. [122][123], Today, over half of all American Protestant denominations ordain women,[124] but some restrict the official positions a woman can hold. [CDATA[// >. Had Paul wanted to communicate that [195], On March 18, 2005, Amina Wadud gave a sermon and led Friday prayers for a Muslim congregation consisting of men as well as women, with no curtain dividing the men and women. The Mariavites, so named for their devotion to the Virgin Mary, attracted numerous parishes across Mazovia and the region around Łódź and at their height numbered some 300,000 people. According to Bishop Maximo XIII Rhee Timbang, the ordination of women has enabled the church to become more relevant to its time and to society. A need of the church—and an ancient task of the woman deacon—was to be the intermediary between the women of the church and the bishop. Alternatively, she would bring the teachings of the bishop to women. It has approved women's ordination since 1996. It currently has centers in various parts of India, and also in Sydney, Australia. Women ministers were active from the earliest days. In the late 18th century in England, John Wesley allowed for female office-bearers and preachers. //-->

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