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Options utf8. Why? Thanks for the overview Chris! Chris, Pretend a whole bag of peanut m&ms was modern day currency for $100. I’m old-fashioned in normally using the standard HTML format but would like to know how and where to place the embedded svg code? But when you open the app created from the same html5 with phonegap and run into the same device the dropshadow filter is not rendered. One last puzzle for me is the danged css. Django has the concept of Application Level Cache, Whole Page Cache and Block Level Cache: @Chris Coyler if your page cache is being invalidated by simple changes like comments, then you need to look at using a better templating system. It’s pretty and seems powerful. Any comments would be most appreciated. I read a lot about SVG, but never used it on my projects. convert to PNG/JPG in browser with canvg — this is super awesome for exporting; you can basically make your own image editor in the browser For semantics, would it better to do it in the HTML as an IMG tag and suffer the additional HTTP request, as opposed to doing it via CSS? in our app for android made with html5 +backbone + phonegap we decided to use svg for some illustration. A very good article, although not comprehensive – it lacks information about using links inside an SVG as well as the possibilities for animation (although that would require an article all by itself). Hi @eqroeil, your posted comment addresses what I’ve been trying to figure out – how to make SVG work in responsive design. But your codepen example renders them, but they’re cropped. Also, for making responsive graphics (like logos) which one is the best? Specifying font resources using url() and local(). I always define height and width with CSS and omit them from the .svg itself; I noticed that you’ve only defined width on your site. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not support raw SVG code in background attribute, so this is the only one reason why to encode SVG code, I think (maybe I am wrong). This comment thread is closed. These numbers are aspect-ratio aware of the original size. I am definitely tweeting this one! I’m thinking the optimisation you’re thinking of is the http request you avoid by embedding? Modernizr adds a class name of “no-svg” to the html element if it doesn’t support SVG, so we use that: Another clever progressive enhancement flavored technique for using SVG as background-image is by using it in conjunction with multiple backgrounds. If you want to create your own specific chart or image crop and rotate widget, for example, you can achieve it simply and easily with this library. (I use inkscape on linux), Very nice post, I have also created a post not long ago about SVGs and animation of them. In the case of SVG fonts, the URL points to an element within a document containing SVG font definitions. In our design, we have two elements that make up the design, an and an . Just one quick note: If you have a SVG file, you don’t have to explicetly save it as “code”, an SVG file is per already “written in code”. I am then including the logo using the method. As you save it, you’ll get another dialog for SVG Options. The only way to be sure not download both is to use a data URI (pre-loaded) or check for browser support before elements start loading and replace/insert different extensions. It looks great in Illustrator but looks terrible in a browser: the transparent gradient doesn’t work at all. You can drop that code right into an HTML document and the SVG image will show up just the same as if you put it in an img. This is awesome, Chris! Therefore we also don’t need to worry about fallbacks or incompatibility. There is a whole spec for SVG Profiles. External Links: W3C - SVG | SVG Tutorial - W3 Schools. I’m trying to work with an envelope icon made up of very thin lines. To be more precise, we have got two types of image files. Fonts containing invalid data or local font faces that are not found are ignored and the user agent loads the next font in the list. Hi there! They are large in memory when compared to SVG images, and also pixelate when we zoom in. viewBox=”0 0 640 480″ enable-background=”new 0 0 640 480″ xml:space=”preserve”. Much appreciated. IE≥9 prioritizes valid font formats over invalid ones. , won’t have its fill attribute overridden by, If you target the svg element that has the fill property it overrides hard coded attributes. Using